Flood sensor help

Flood sensor offline or not working

  1. Remove and re-insert the batteries. See below for instructions. Check to see if the flood sensor is still offline.
  2. Have you recently added or moved any wireless devices such as a baby monitor, wireless speakers, or another O2 Home device?
    • Yes: Power off the new devices or move them back to their original location and then check the sensor’s status to see if it is back online.
    • No: Proceed to step 4.
  3. Did the sensor’s come back online?
    • Yes: If an existing device was moved and caused the interference, but you cannot leave the device in the original location, please call us on 0344 499 0202 for further help. If a new device was causing the interference, you can attempt to change the location, position or frequency (if available) and then verify if it causes the sensor to go back offline. If it does, please call us on 0344 499 0202 for further help.
    • No: Go to step 4.
  4. Replace the batteries. See below for instructions.

Replacing the battery

Follow these steps to replace the battery: 1. Twist upper half of device to remove the top cover. 2. Remove the old battery. 3. Insert one 3V CR2 lithium battery with the (+) sign facing towards the middle of the sensor. The side with the spring is the (–) side of the battery. 4. Replace the top cover.


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