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The kids are alright

Nic and David put open + close sensors on the front door. Their kids get home from school a few hours before they get in from work. The sensor sends a text to their phones when the front door is opened – reassuring them at a similar time each day that the kids are safely home. This gives them one less thing to worry about at the end of a busy day at work.

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A dog's life

Brian put a camera in his kitchen. Using his phone, he could see that Sukie, the dog walker, was coming in at 2pm every day and taking Max, the dog, out for his daily run. He could also check that once Max was home, he wasn’t tearing around the place and he had enough food and water. It gave him peace of mind that Max was ok while he was at work. And that his kitchen would still be intact when he got home.

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Light the way

Adam and Jess have three year old twins. So they can find their way to the loo at night, Jess set up a presence sensor and lamp plugged into a smart plug. When either of the kids get up, the lamp switches on, then switches back off again five minutes later. Now they all get a good night's sleep.

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Warm welcome home

Jon arrived back from a week away with the family. Stuck in traffic on a wet and miserable M25, he was dreaming of a warm and cosy house. About ten minutes from home, his O2 Smart Home picked up his GPS location using his phone and switched on the heating. So without touching a button, Jon and the family came back to a warm home, making the holiday blues just a bit easier to take.

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Leave the keys at home

Richard and Katy live with their three teenage kids in Sutton. There's always people in and out of the house. With Yale keyfree doorlocks, they can all get in and out without needing a key. They just open the door with their phone, or by entering their individual pin at the door.

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All lit up

Esther has a hectic and unpredictable lifestyle. So she set a smart plug to turn on a lamp automatically at sunset. It looks like someone's home when she's out, and she arrives home to a welcoming house. The lamps switch off again at 11pm, so if she's away with work, they're not left on all night.

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