Smoke detector help

Your smoke sensor comes with batteries pre-installed. When the batteries are low, an alert is sent to your O2 Home hub, the smoke sensor light is unlit, and the sensor will chirp every 45 seconds until the batteries are replaced. The chirps can be silenced for 24 hours by pressing the TEST/SILENCE button.


Replacement instructions

The smoke sensor will not operate and the alarm will not sound if the batteries are dead or not inserted properly. Follow these steps to replace the batteries.

  1. Remove the unit from the mounting base by turning it counter-clockwise.
  2. Slide the battery compartment cover and lift it off.
  3. Remove old batteries.
  4. Insert two 3V CR123A lithium batteries, making sure the plus (+) and minus (-) signs are aligned correctly.
  5. Replace the cover.
  6. Re-attach the unit to the mounting base and test the system.

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