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Help with your O2 Smart Home devices

If your heating’s not working, make sure your previous boiler is set to permanent. Then go to the O2 Smart Home dashboard, and check that the heating is active and program control is on.

Make sure the temperature on the thermostat is above the current room temperature. If it is, you’ll be able to see a flame icon. If it’s not, you’ll need to turn the temperature up in order for your heating to come on.

If you’re still having problems, give us a call on 0344 499 0202.

The flood sensor will be triggered if a quarter of an inch of water is detected. Make sure the device isn't put on metal, as this will stop it from working.

If the flood sensor is in Tamper mode, you need to reposition the device. Put it on a flat solid surface and leave for 30 minutes. Check there's no water nearby and don't move it, as this will stop it from working.

If your motion sensor keep activating for no reason, check your dashboard for the status of the motion sensor, alerts and battery status. Look at the sensitivity level of the device and adjust it if you need to, as this could be the reason it keeps activating.

The red light on the motion sensor doesn't stay on all the time. You'll only see the light flash when it initially detects motion. After that it will fall asleep for three minutes. If you've set an action, like a smart plug to turn on when motion is detected, this will trigger it.

If the motion sensor is in Tamper mode, unscrew and remove the front cover of the device. Make sure the black switch above the battery isn't damaged. You'll need to press and hold switch to clear the Tamper from your dashboard. Put the cover back on to the device securely. Check the dashboard to make sure it's no longer in Tamper.

If your contact sensor isn’t working, check that your device has an internet connection.

Check the status on your dashboard and the battery levels to see if your battery needs changing. Your batteries will be checked during your Annual Healthcheck, and replaced if they're running low. If they need replacing before then, call us on 0344 499 0202 to either arrange a Healthcheck or get replacement batteries.

If the contact sensor is in Tamper mode, check that the cover and plate on the back are both on properly.

Check the status on your dashboard and the battery levels.

If it’s in Tamper mode, it means the cover has been removed or is loose. You’ll need to remove the cover, wait 10 seconds and replace securely.

If this doesn’t resolve the Tamper status, remove the cover, take the batteries out for 10 seconds, replace them and secure the cover again.

To check that your smart plug is working, press the button on the bottom and see if the blue light comes on. If you’re having problems with your smart plug, try unplugging it for 10 seconds and plugging it back in to a different socket.

The smart plug will only turn the power supply on and off. If your device goes into standby mode, then the smart plug won’t switch it on.

All our cameras have been set up to make sure that you get the right balance between speed and quality when you're trying to keep an eye on what's happening at home. When you're looking at live video on the same network as your cameras, then you'll get high definition (HD) quality (720p) video stream. If you're out and about and using your O2 Smart Home mobile app, then you’ll get standard definition (SD) quality; this will save your data allowance if you're not on wifi and will mean that you can connect to and watch the live video stream as quickly as possible.

When you save videos and snapshots into the free 1GB of cloud storage you get with O2 Smart Home, we also use SD to make sure you can store as much content as possible.

The keypad lets you control basic functions, like switching between Home, Away and Night modes. It also lets you know if there are any windows or doors open when you’re switching to Away mode, so you can remember to close them.

You’ll need to create a pin to use the keypad. Then you’ll have to enter your pin to clear any alarms, or switch from Away mode back to Home. If you don’t already have a pin, you can create one on your mobile app. Just go to System Settings, then User Profiles. There are also three emergency service buttons on the keypad which are currently unused. It has a battery back-up, so it can run for up to 24 hours without mains power.

The keypad also has a built-in siren so you’ll hear a beeping noise if the O2 Smart Home system detects an intrusion.

Your key fob lets you switch between the Home, Away and Night modes. It’s a quick and useful way to set the system when you’re going out or getting home. Like with the O2 Smart Home app and web dashboard, you can’t switch directly between Night and Away. O2 Smart Home has to be in Home mode before you can choose either of these.

To put your system into Away mode, press and hold the button showing the person walking away from the house for three seconds.

For Night mode, press and hold the button that shows the person inside the house for 3 seconds.

If you’re getting home and want to put your system into Home mode, press and hold the unlocked padlock button for 3 seconds.

If you have set up an entry or exit delay, you can use your key fob to override this. Press the button to choose the mode you want, then press and hold the star button for 3 seconds. The mode you’ve chosen will start straight away.

You can’t use your key fob to cancel an alarm that’s been triggered. You can do this with the app or web dashboard, or by entering your PIN on the keypad.

To use the geolocation features of your tado so it will know when you're at home or out, then you'll need to install the tado app on your smartphone as well as the O2 Smart Home app. You'll be able to see your tado in the O2 Smart Home app and website, and be able to change mode and manually turn your heating up and down. As we release later versions of our app and website we'll introduce more features for your tado, like being able to use it with your other O2 Smart Home devices.

Yes - if you already have a tado thermostat and would like to control it from O2 Smart Home, then let your O2 Smart Home installer know. Or after your installation has been completed, call us on 0344 499 0202 (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm. Charged at standard UK rates).

In the unlikely event that this happens, call our number as usual and you'll hear an option to be redirected to the relevant out of hours help centre. Call us on 0344 499 0202 (Mon-Fri / 9am-6pm. Charged at standard UK rates).

No. O2 Smart Home smart plugs can only be used inside.

This depends on what you plan to use it for. Whether you want to point it at your front door to see who is there, or keep an eye on your driveway, or maybe even use it to watch wildlife in your back garden. To make sure it performs as well as it can at night, make sure there are no objects in the field of view that might reflect infra-red light, like some types of roofing or fascia material if you position it quite high. You should also try to position the camera out of reach so that it can’t easily be tampered with.

Find out more about how to position your outdoor camera.

If you need to replace the battery in your tado thermostat, follow these instructions.

Yes, you can add more devices to your order up to three days before your installation by calling customer services on 0344 499 0202.

Tado is compatible with 95% of boilers. Contact customer service on 0344 499 0202 to check your boiler compatibility.

Yes you can add more devices after installation. Pop into store, go online or call customer services for details on the full range available and how to add them to your existing pack.

O2 Smart Home currently works with tado thermostats that are already installed, and we’re working with other smart home product manufacturers to add more compatibility in the future.


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