O2 Home hub help

O2 Home system appears to be offline

If your O2 Home hub appears to be offline, check the front of it to see whether all the status lights are green. If the second light (with a cloud) is orange or off, this indicates that there may be a problem with your Internet connection. Check other devices that connect to your broadband router. If they are working fine, call us on 0344 499 0202 for further help.


Audible alarm

If you hear an alarm coming from your O2 Home hub, this is an indication of radio frequency jamming on one or more devices. This is usually the result of interference from other wireless devices in your home. Have you recently added or moved any wireless devices such as a baby monitor, wireless speakers, or another O2 Home device?

  • Yes: Power off the new devices or move the devices back to their original location to see if they may be the cause of the issue. Proceed to the next step.
  • No: Please contact us on 0344 499 0202 for further help.

Did powering off or moving the devices correct the issue?

  • Yes: If a new device was causing the interference, you can attempt to change the location, position or frequency (if available).
  • No: Please contact us on 0344 499 0202 for further help.

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